Monday, August 31, 2009

Product Review - Rose of Sharon Acres

A while ago some of my friends were talking about a product they'd found online called Tooth Soap. My initial thought was "Soap on your teeth? Isn't that what you got when you sassed off to your mom? Ewww!" But my friends raved about it and since I am one who would jump off a bridge if my friends did I decided to try it.

I looked at various sellers of tooth soap and found Rose of Sharon Acres. I decided to buy from here because they offered their tooth soap in chip form rather than bar form. Frankly, the bar form just seems unsanitary to me so the chip form interested me. I ordered the tooth chip sampler with Cinnamon, Peppermint, and Wintermint.

I had told Monica about this blog so she sent me a few other products to try. She sent me a sample of Wintermint Chips with Xylitol (xylitol helps prevent cavities), her primose complexion soap, the honey and carrot twist soap, and her goat milk cream.

I can't say enough about these products. The tooth soap is probably the greatest thing I have ever tried. The flavors are great (my fav is the cinnamon), the soap leaves my teeth feeling squeaky clean, and best of all, in my opinion, when I wake up in the mornings I have no morning breath or filmy feeling on my teeth. I really love that feeling, and my hubby is fond of it too ;) I found that there really is no taste difference between the xylitol and non-xylitol versions of the same flavor so unless you have a chemical sensitivity I would definitely recommend the xylitol version of any flavor.

The other three products she sent me are also very good. I am an avid gardener and walk my dogs at least twice a day so spend a lot of time outside in the summer. I end up washing my face frequently because when I come in I need to wash off the sweat and sunscreen in addition to my morning and evening face washings so I often end up washing my face 5-6x a day in summer. In the past this has meant I needed a heavier duty moisturizer to combat the dryness all this face washing caused. Using the primrose complexion soap that Monica sent me I didn't need to get out the stronger moisturizer, my normal one was just fine. This soap didn't dry out my face at all and seemed to even moisturize as well as clean. I was very pleased with how well this product performed.

The goat milk cream and honey carrot twist soap were also great on my work roughened, sun beaten skin. I have very sensitive skin and often break out with eczema when I use harsh products on my skin, especially on my hands and legs. Both the cream and the soap were gentle on my skin. My skin stayed soft instead of getting dry like it often does when I spend a lot of time outside in hot weather and neither product caused an outbreak.

I really like these products that I have tried and I am looking forward to trying more of her products :) If you have any questions about her products don't hesitate to use the contact link on her website Rose of Sharon Acres. Monica is very friendly and quick to answer customer questions.

Thank you Monica for creating these lovely products!

If you create personal care products and would like a review to appear on this blog contact me at and I will tell you where to send your products.

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