Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Product Reviews - September's Ipsy bag

Yes, I know, it's October and I'm late, again.  One of these years I'll get the hang of this whole posting on time thing.  :)

On an up note, I have had a chance to use all of the September products multiple times already so have a good feel for them.

This is the September bag.

There is a double ended crease/shadow brush by Crown.  I don't care for double ended brushes.  I like single ended ones better because I can stand them upright in my holder and neither end gets crushed.  On the other hand, having a brush like this means I only have to bring one brush for my eyes when I travel rather than 2 or 3 and that is nice.  Over all, this is a good quality brush, the bristles are firm without being hard so you can blend well without feeling like you are poking your eye out.  This gets 3 stars.  Good quality item but not something I would normally buy.  However, based on the quality of this brush, if I'm ever in the market for brushes again I will consider Crown's single ended brushes as potential replacements.

The next item is the Tinted Lip Gloss by Cailyn in Basic Instinct.  I did not like this at all.  I found it to be sticky, the applicator bent way to easily making it harder to use than it should have been, and the product smelled funny.  The only good thing about it was that the color was nice.  This gets 1/2 star for the color.  I would not buy this product or recommend it.

Next is the Pacifica eye pencil in Fringe.  I like this.  The color is a nice warm brown, the pencil glides easily without pulling, and you can smudge it without to much effort for a softer line.  I give it 4.5 stars.  I will definitely buy this when I run out.

Next is the Nyx eye shadow in Asphyxiation.  I like this product as well.  It wears well and goes on easily.  The color isn't really my style but when I buy eyeshadow next I will definitely consider buying some of this line in a color more to my liking.  This product gets 4 stars.

Lastly, we have Briogeo Don't Despair, Repair deep conditioning mask for dry, damaged, or chemically treated hair.  I know this will come as a shock to you all, but I color my hair.  **Pausing for shocked gasps**  I was very interested in trying this product.  Unfortunately, it didn't really make any noticeable difference to the condition of my hair.  It was basically exactly the same as the regular conditioner I use right now.  This product gets 3 stars, it conditioned my hair but wasn't any different than what I already use so it hasn't enticed me to switch.

And there you have it, two days after I got my October Ipsy bag in the mail I am finally reviewing my September bag.  Hope you like it.